The question has been answered: the DeLorean is it Manual or Automatic?


To DeLorean BuildUp Subscribers, 


There has been some discussion among fans and collectors on whether the DeLorean Buildup should have automatic or manual transmission. Eaglemoss Product Development went back to the studio and researched the referenced materials. We can confirm that the original DeLorean featured in the Back to Future movies had manual transmission. We have already updated the kits to manual transmission.


However, before we could make the update some kits were sent out to subscribers with automatic transmission. This would impact the parts received with issue no. 16 and 23. In keeping with our customer service guarantees we will send replacement kits for issue no. 16 and 23 with the manual transmission. We will cover the cost of the replacements kits and the shipping. There will be no additional charge to customers. We will be honoring kit replacement requests for customers with active subscriptions as well as for any customers who have cancelled their subscription as a result of this.


We sincerely apologize for not being able to make the updates to our kits before they were mailed out. This only impacted a small number of customers. If you received the incorrect kits for issue no. 16 and 23 please contact our customer service by phone at 1-800-261-6898 or by email

To identify which transmission is the correct one, please refer to the pictures below:

Delorean Build Up is Back In Stock!

We appreciate your continued support and participation in the DeLorean Buildup program.

- The Eaglemoss Team


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